Temporary teaching roles or permanent?

Temporary teaching roles refer to working as a teacher on a temporary or short-term basis, typically through a recruitment agency or a school district. Here are some benefits of contract teaching:


Contract teaching allows teachers the flexibility to work on a temporary basis, which can be beneficial for those who want to take a break from full-time teaching or who are looking for a change of pace.


Contract teaching offers the opportunity to work in different schools and educational settings, which can provide a diverse range of experiences and allow teachers to develop new skills and knowledge.

Professional development

Contract teaching can provide teachers with the opportunity to work with different students, colleagues, and teaching styles, which can help teachers to develop their skills and improve their craft.

Career Advancement

Temporary teaching roles can provide teachers with a wider range of professional experiences and opportunities, which can be beneficial for those who are looking to advance their careers.

Job security in temporary teaching roles

Contract or temporary teaching allows teachers to work in a variety of schools. This can provide a sense of job security, as they can move from one contract to another when one contract ends.

Try before you buy

Temporary teaching can be a great way for teachers to try out different schools and working environments before committing to a permanent position.

It’s important to note that while temporary teaching offers benefits, it also comes with certain drawbacks such as a lack of job security, and benefits and it can be difficult to build relationships with students and colleagues when working on a short-term basis.

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